Thursday, June 24, 2010

One Way To Start Off A New Job

To start off my new adventures of being an almost-not-really-adult, getting a job this summer was the goal. It was that or getting rid of my P.E. credit (now you can see why I got a job). I applied quite a few months ago for working at the summer camps Reno provides. Two weeks later after an interview, I got a rejection letter and was prepared to fulfill Washoe County's School District requirement of two P.E. credits (aka: Summer 2010 ruined). But then, around a week later I get another letter saying I got the job. Neil Road, Activity/Site Attendant, $7.55 an hour. (Aka: Summer back on track)
I started my job June 14th with 14 kids and loved it. I love the people I work with, and love (most) of the kids I'm in charge of.

Now what's a new job worth if you don't have a story to tell? I'm sure everyone older than me has one, really good story about their first week working. My story sadly is not really what you'd call "special."

My last day working for the week was Friday and I was with the kids on the playground. I was swinging on a swing (See why I LOVE my job?) when this girl named Kylin walks up to me and says she has to tell me something. So I slow down on my swinging and ask whats wrong. "I should have told you this yesterday... but it's just so embarrassing!" she said. After a long few seconds, she says so lovely out loud: "Me and some other kids found a condom yesterday under the play set!"

Trying not to freak out that she had just practically screamed the word condom in front of a bunch of 6,7, and 8 year olds, I calmly told Kylin to go tell Ron (my boss, hes 22 so he can handle everything, right?) So she walks away, and just my luck a little girl comes up to me and looks like somebody just ate brains. "You told Kylin to tell Ron what we found?! He probably wears one!!!!" At the moment, I just wanted to laugh. Obviously (and thankfully) Kylin seemed to be the only kid who knew what it was used for. I told her to just calm down and that Ron would take care of it. Even though she looked like she was going to blow, she walked away and went to go play on the other side of the park.

For the rest of the day, I had every single one of my kids come up to me and ask what a "conda" was. And me being the blond person I am, I just couldn't figure it out until it hit me.
Kylin had now earned herself a seriously deserved somethin' somethin', considering the fact that I had to tell 14 little kids to ask their parents about a thousand times. Literally! Luckily, Ron being the awesome guy he is, got the kids distracted and the rest of my day continued to be its usual lovely self.

The next week on Monday, I was watching my kids play on the playground and another little girl comes up to me randomly and says "My older brother asked my dad what a conda was yesterday and he said he had no idea." With a little sass, she walked away and I couldn't help but giggle. Little kids really do think they know everything.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! You should have told them that a "conda" was a nickname for a snake in the jungle: the Anaconda. Sure, they would have been freaked out about a snake on the playground, but that's better than having to teach a mini SHARE class. But, oh man, that was great! Literally laughing out loud over here!!