Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Pay Check, Cars, Jewelry, && Garage Sales

To start off on my blogging today, I just want to note that my mom was the first one to read my first blog before it was even published. By the way of her reaction, I'll be continuing these blogs for a good long time. Even though I don't know who I'm really talking to, I hope whoever you are your not completely bored or out to kill me. Thank you [:

Friday: got my first check. Today: I'm broke.
In my defense, half of it went to savings for a car. Even though I find it a little pointless to be saving now, considering the fact that me and my lazy butt just can't seem to find energy to study for my permit, I still opened my first savings account. Apparently if I want a good car, I need to start saving now. Sometimes I honestly wish I was a rich kid and my parents would just buy me everything, but then again I think about how I would never learn to take real pride in working for something. So in the end, this car saving thing better get me a sweet ride (preferably a truck!) Or at least one I like no matter how beat up it looks (:

SO after grabbing my paycheck, my mother and I drove down to the Meadwood mall to grab some new acne product. Unlike a lot of teens, I'm pretty open about my acne (ha!), its not like I can hide it or anything. I am honestly pretty hesitant about this Proactiv stuff though for two reasons. One: They advertise it like Nazi's and it interrupts my TV show time! Two: Acne is a rough stud muffin. I'll be pretty amazed if I have "clear skin" by the end of the month, but we shall see. All in all, this stuff better be worth it.

When a daughter and her mother go into a mall, their pretty much stuck for awhile no matter what they came for. For my mom and I, American Eagle's jewelry brought out a spark in our hearts. My mom just loved every single piece of jewelry there and luck us: buy one, get one free. We literally spent a half an hour trying to decide on what we wanted. It felt somewhat like Christmas. I swear, when my mom and I find something we both love, we could spend hours and hours deciding and still not be sure about what we've chosen, IF we've even chosen something. So after about 20 times literally circling around their jewelry displays, my mom got some colorful rainbow earrings and a peace necklace while I got a bracelet that I LOVE to death and some lime green earrings. Leaving the store, we were both very satisfied with our purchases. I think.

Of course, I also just had to see what was new at Aeropostal, considering the fact that I hadn't looked in the store in forever. I ended up walking out with a awesome new white hoodie which I love. To also add onto our spree that we never expected, we also got See's candies. Misson complete.

Next day (today if you'd rather), the family and I had a garage sale. I sold blueberry muffins and waters, while the rest of my family dealt with the other items. Let me just say... I've never seen so many mexicans in my entire life! I have no idea what it is with mexicans and garage sales but they were everywhere!! To top off the day though, I got to watch my mom fight for her hot wheels. This woman who hardly spoke English wanted a whole bin of Tyler's hot wheels for $5. My mom said $10. I really wish I had a camera to record how funny my mom was. She was NOT going to let this chick get away with giving her $5 for a bin of hot wheel cars. And for her hard work she ended up with $6 in her pocket. Go mom! You can just keep that one extra buck for a rainy day.

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  1. 1: I started my blog by talking to myself basically. Your doing good! :) I like it.

    2: Saving the way you will love the first car you buy and treat so much better than kids treat cars that are just handed to them. Trust me. I was one of those kids.

    3: Hahahahaha! Garage wheels....$6....hahahaha!