Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meet the Family

Lately at the Woods home, everything has been breaking. And no, I'm not talking simple things like water glasses or pencils, I'm talking the big important stuff... Enjoy.

#1: The Dishwasher
A few weeks ago, my dad on a Saturday morning was finally persuaded to check out the dishwasher that had not been washing well at all.

(Tyler and I eating cereal one Saturday morning)
Me: EW! There's a piece of food on my spoon!
Tyler: There's a piece of food on my spoon too!
Me: This is just nasty mom!
Mom: It's because of this cheap soap I bought.
Me: Well start buying the good stuff woman!!

With our amazing luck this month in appliances, my dad concluded that our dishwasher was actually the problem. After some deliberation, my mom and dad went out to buy a new dishwasher. In a day, they picked it out a brand new, shiny dishwasher. The catch? We had to wait a week til it could be delivered to our house. So for a week, we all had to pitch in and take turns hand washing every dish we used. After several break downs from Tyler and long frustrating discussions on who gets to do the "good job" (drying) and the "gross job" (washing), Friday we received the beautiful new dishwasher. As my mom would say, it looks like it belongs on another planet, definitely not our kitchen.
(The dark, dark days when we were hand washing!)

#2: The Cuisinart
Less than a week later, I was watching TV when I heard a sigh from the kitchen.

Me: Whats the sigh for?
Mom: (another sigh) Why is everything breaking?!

As the band Queen would say.. "Another one bites the dust!" Unfortunately, our Cuisinart had broken after 25 years. (Yes, I keep count of all the years our appliances last). A few days later, still taking the long and hard road without smoothies, Garrett and I found ourselves at Macy's with my mother searching for a new cuisinart. Again, time was not on our side and we had to wait another week til the one my mom wanted was on sale. Eventually though, my mom purchased the cuisinart a week later, and now we have two aliens in our home. Oh well, at least this one provides us with smoothies!

#3: The Printer
Okay, so technically the printer didn't break. It just didn't work well, but it was just as frustrating:

Me: Dad? Can you print this paper for me? It's due tomorrow.
(1 hour later)
Me: Is it printed yet?
Dad: Almost, I'm still trying to figure it out.
(2 hours later)
Me: Dad I really need this paper for tomorrow.
Dad: Hold on..
(1 hour later)
Dad: Done! Does it look okay?

I cannot tell you how many times this event has gone down, so when my dad announced he was wanting to buy a new printer, I jumped at the idea. That Sunday morning after church, we headed to Costco where our new printer was awaiting us.
Although I love my dad, I can't stand to shop with him. (Some of my most tortuous days during my young childhood life was being stuck at Home Depot for six hours with my dad, feet hurting, my stomach growling, the tears flowing, and my dad repeating over and over that he's "almost done".
So, while my dad was checking out the printers, Tyler and I tried to entertain ourselves. Our best choice we decided was to stick Tyler at the bottom of the cart and roll him around. It was quite humerous until we almost ran into a nice young couple. Game over.

After about 25 minutes (record time for my dad to be buying something this cool) he had picked out the one he wanted (which ended up being the one he was looking at in the first place) (sigh). When we brought it home and my dad hooked it up, I swear I have never been so fascinated in my life with a printer. It has a touch screen on it, and I can even check out the weather on it without going on the computer. First thing I printed out you ask? The weather for the week and a Barney coloring book page of course! All with the touch of a button (:

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  1. We had a similar issue - All within a week or so our dryer, laundry machine, dishwasher, and printer all went out.

    We've since replace the dryer, laundry machine, and printer - still washing dishes by hand.

    Fun stuff.