Friday, January 21, 2011

Random, Random, Random. And Late. VERY Late.

(21 days late, I know... tisk tisk!)

It has been way too long since I've blogged! For all my readers (my mom and probably 2 other people), I apologize! Life has taken it's toll on me these days, but I have random pictures! Enjoy (:

What you are currently looking at is our Christmas night dinner table! Unfortunately, my Grandpa had to spend his holidays in the hospital. We had originally planned to spend Christmas dinner together at my grandparents house, but instead we had to move the dinner to a hospital in Mindin. My Grandma (bless her heart) did the best she could do in the nurses relaxation room. (I'm pretty sure there's a fancy word for such a room, but Tyler and I just decided to call it what we wanted to). It was pretty much awesome to spend time together like that, and the turkey was yummy! I'd like to make a special thanks to the nurses who helped us make the dinner possible, you made our Christmas dinner a memorable one! (Just a little piece of advice though... you really need to make the mashed potatoes by hand and not have instant ones.. if you keep on chewing it, it starts to feel like your eating play-doh!)

( Very blurry picture, but I love it (: )

Lately, I have been craving two things.
One: Panda Express (Aka: Here's A Plateful Of Delicious Food That WILL Kill You)
Two: Onion Rings
(Yes, I know, I'm not fooling anybody. Of COURSE there are more foods I'm craving, but hey, you don't have all day do you?)
Anyways, my mother and I a week ago decided to go shopping and eat some lunch. I remembered this place we used to go to all the time when I was a kid, BJ's, so we went! Turns out, they had the most amazing beer battered onion rings... EVER! And mine just happened to be in the shape of the Target symbol... yum-o! Picture worthy? You bet.

(Is your mouth watering yet?!)

Last but not least, I'd like to introduce my two little sea creatures!

Opie (the Octopus is to the left, Garrett Jr (the Great White) to right

Once again, Garrett and I have found another plush sea creature for me to adopt! Opie is the newest addition to my collection, thanks to Garrett and his craziness. About a month ago, Garrett and I were eating lunch at school and we happened to find this little TY animal in the lost and found. I waited a whole week for somebody to claim him, and when Friday came I was so excited to take him home after much argument with Garrett that Opie is a octopus, not a Squid. (I may be blonde, but I was right about this one!) Much to my disappointment, Friday morning Opie wasn't there.
My day went on, crushed, until I realized I knew who had taken him! Garrett had just so happened to hide him in his locker (ha, and he thought I wouldn't find it, guys, they never learn lol). I decided to make a game out of it, and hid Opie in the guard room, where I was sure nobody would find him. That day after school, Garrett held me hostage while his friend Kurtis searched and searched for Opie until he found him. Like a little school girl would, I chased the two of them in hopes to get my Opie back... Two teenage guys vs Ashley.. yeah I know, at least I tried! Sadly, Garrett took Opie home with him and held him hostage for a couple days until he caved and gave him back to me a few days later.
I have no idea why I have such an attacthment to Opie, but as my mom would say, "I guess he's a cute kind of ugly!" I love him none the less.

PS: Kurtis and Garrett, I will get my revenge..... (:

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  1. 1) Well, at least you posted this in the month of January. ha! :)
    2) Blurry pictures can be the best pictures. I always keep them...and I love them.
    3) Sounds like you and Garrett have a lot of fun together. That's awesome!