Friday, July 2, 2010

Squeaky Chairs & Art Town

Wednesday night I was so excited. No, I wasn't going on a date (even though I felt like I was.) Actually, I just so happened to be going to see Eclipse with Laura, Sam, Gina, and their mommys. Let me tell ya, I HAD A BLAST!!!! Not only was Eclipse amazing but I also got out a few good laughs. Several ladies who sat behind us during the movie (who were total Twilight fans may I remind you) were just hilarious. They were definitely all over Jacob, whenever he appeared shirtless I swear they screamed with everything they had. Laura and I couldn't help but laugh at their obvious obsession. Not only were their screams a plus, but their comments were even better. For example:
Jacob: "So Bella, what do you want to do?"
Girls sitting behind us: "YOU!!!!"
Lovely right? Anywho, during the middle of the movie, I got really cold since movie theaters are ALWAYS cold (Grrrr!). I had luckily come prepared with a sweatshirt, so I bent down to grab it and my chair just decides to make the world's biggest squeak. Not only were the people around us already annoyed with my chair and I, but I had also now caused the laughter of Laura AND Gina. My chair had also then decided that it was just going to squeak its way til I finished putting on my jacket. After such a hassle of putting it on, Eclipse just decides to put on a hot kissing scene and I get warm all over again. I couldn't help but feel the people's eyes behind us glaring at the back of my head, so I sadly had to watch the movie hot, then cold, then hot, then cold. Awesome.

The next day, Lauren and Laura came over. We talked, took some pictures, and went to Art Town. Let me just say this: the people in Sparks are just weird. In a way, it's lovely. And in some ways, it's just disturbing trying to figure out if this person your looking at is just eccentric or really really drunk. All in all, the best part of the day had to be Laura finding her husband (who's probably gay mind you). All three of us were just dying to take a picture with one of the stilts guys who had performed and were now walking around the park. My mom being the wonderful woman she is asked if we could take a picture with this hot stilts guy. Lucky me, I was his support so he could bend down to take the picture, but lucky Laura got up the nerve to ask for a kiss on the cheek! I laughed so hard while this 20 year old guy is posing for a picture while kissing one of my best friends on the cheek. As we left the park, I don't think I've ever seen Laura so happy in my entire life.
Happy weekend everyone :)

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