Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boogers and Bird Poop

After reading my blog, my mom insited that I tell the story of the "booger". So here goes another camp story... !
So one night after Afterglow (that sounded just awesome!) Kristina, Amanda and I went to go "take off our faces" and brush our teeth. After I had washed my face, I forgot to grab a towel to dry my face so Kristina willingly let me use her towel. As I was patting my face with the towel, I noticed a brown spot on it. As I bring my focus to the brown spot, I soon realize it's a wonderful, perfectly placed booger. I said "Kristina! What IS this?!". As soon as she sees the booger, she shrieks "Ashley! You put a booger on my towel!!" Totally in denial that it was not my booger, I literally went to the bathroom, picked my nose and my boogers were totally healthy! Proud that it was so not my booger, Kristina still just couldn't let it go.
Me: "It's not my booger! Maybe it swept it up from the counter!"
Kristina: "But its FRESH!"
This playful argument lasted for quite some time, so when bedtime came around Kristina and I were sleeping in the same bunk and were VERY hyped up on whatever crap we had eaten that evening. As we were going to bed, Kristina told me a story about how her sister had put her boogers on her car. It was a pretty good story to end the day with, but of course as we are going to sleep and the cabin is quiet, Kristina starts giggling to herself. I instantly asked what was so funny, and she whispers "Booger Mobile!" Now I know what your thinking, that's really not funny Ashley. But ooohhh man, at 11 o'clock at night, it's pee your pants worthy. Our poor cabin had to deal with our loud laughs that could still be heard even when we were stuffing our faces into our pillows. Eventually, we calmed down until the booger in the towel came up again and the laughter continued. After even more laughter (we are the laughing type) we all finally decided it was way too late to be laughing at boogers at this time of night. After finally calming down, it just had to come to me. "Duh-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nuh Booger Mobile! You've just been snotted!" I have no idea where it came from, but all three of us seriously laughed til every bone in our bodies hurt. For the rest of the week it was the only thing we talked about. Mature? Yes, we know (:

As if I didn't have enough gross things to blog about, I also have to bring your attention to my mom's observation on bird poop. On Sunday we were driving to our women's class when my mom randomly says "I think this bird poop looks like that lacoste logo. You know, the alligator?" After I finished laughing at my mom's random moment I disagreed claiming she was crazy. Anyone see a alligator in this bird poop form?

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