Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Cook Is Playing His Tricks

So a few days ago, my mom picked me up and we had the afternoon to ourselves. We naturally decided food was the first to check off our list, so we headed to Bavarian World for some sweets and a sandwich. When we walked into the bakery, a nice, most likely 16 year old guy offered to help us order. He handed me a card with things to check off that I wanted on my sandwich and then proceeded to answer my mom's questions about every single treat they had (Us Woods are specific on our treats!). After he was done assisting my mom, I handed him my order. He then led us to our table next door where we could eat. As we sat down, I looked down at my card I had filled out and saw this:
I honestly didn't know what to say. I figured maybe if I acted like I hadn't payed any attention to the card he wouldn't bring it up. I wont lie, he was a cutie but it was just way too awkward with my mom around. When he came back to give us some water, he saw the card and said "Oh goodness. I'm sorry, the cook and I have been messing with each other lately. I've played a few tricks on him and it looks like he's trying to get back at me!" My mom found this hilarious, and we both laughed quite a bit while we ate. After we were done, the cook, who is this quite large (most likely German) guy came up to us. He said "I'm glad you found that funny! I've been trying to get back at him, he's been trying to set me up with this probation officer who's really got some muscles!" I can honestly say we left with smiles on our faces, full tummy's, and a bag of pretzel rolls.. Mmmm (:


  1. I love your blog posts, Ash. Keep 'em coming!


  2. So, get mad at me, but I just now read this blog posting. This is SO funny. My face would have been RED!

  3. *don't* get mad at me. Haha, oops.