Sunday, July 11, 2010

Injury Week and the Storm

I might as well start off with saying this: this blog will be long. I'm sorry, I really really tried to make this the shortest I could but there is no way I can simply describe my week at Sierra Bible Camp in two paragraphs. Sorry!

Alright, well as a lot of you know, once a year I go to Sierra Bible Camp. This year was my fourth year going and I was (obviously) stoked. Now your probably wondering why I titled this blog "Injury Week" and now I will happily explain why.
Sunday was the first full day of camp. During free time in the afternoon, the gang and I were watching the boys play volleyball. After a awesome victory, my friends Vance and Donovan did a chest bump which Kristina and I thought was just the cutest thing. So when the boys left to go play slaughter ball, a few of us girls decided to play volleyball too. Truthfully, Kristina and I stink at volleyball, so naturally we decided to celebrate our failure by an awesome chest bump. Protecting myself with my hands, Kristina and I collided and lucky me, my thumb just decided to bend all the way back. I ended up later seeing Kristina's mom (who was the lovely nurse this year) and had my thumb wrapped up and everything. Woo hoo for sprained thumbs! I blame it on the boys haha :)
On Wednesday the gang decided to go on the Sinaka Hike which involved swimming. I decided that it would be a lovely opportunity to dry shave. Ha. Not only did I have cuts all over my legs but I also got dirt on me everywhere. Moral of the story? Never dry shave. EVER.
Another injury you ask? Yup. Thursday Kristina, Amanda and I were walking to the nurses station for some advil for my thumb. For some odd reason, Kristina and I decided to run. And lucky me, I was in clogs. I literally said "You don't run in clogs!" right before my right side of my body collided to the ground. Kristina and Amanda seriously just stood there and laughed so hard. I was half crying half laughing, and I kept asking Amanda to help me up but they both could hardly breathe. Finally, she was able to help me up and I said "That's why you don't run in clogs!". Of course, they both busted up laughing again and we made our way to the nurse. Ever since that day Kristina and Amanda just wont let it go, if you mention me falling to them I bet you $500 they will start laughing hysterically. Love you too guys!

Friday night was highly anticipated by 98% of the girls at camp because of the Midnight Hike (which is actually at like 10 p.m. but whatever, it works because it rhymes). So after dinner everyone was hyped up for a wonderful afternoon of songs, campfire, and then the hike. Well we all walk outside and it was so amazing. I hate to use this example but it was exactly like Twilight weather, there is just no better way to describe it. Everything was fine until boom, a hail storm hits. A lot of us ran into the mess hall, and were stuck there. Kids were crying, counselors were running outside trying to save everything from getting ruined, and the rest of us were just praying to God that the storm would end so the night could still go on. Til then, we were stuck. Austin and I decided to sit by the window and we watchedg lighting and the rain down pour on our hopes for the night. After about a half an hour, a weird feeling came over the both of us and we started to dance and sing to the song "Get Low". Let me tell you, dancing with Austin was just the best thing ever, I seriously was having the time of my life. Little did I know sneaky but lovable Beth decided to record us doing our little made up routine. (I'll post the video up as soon as she puts it up on facebook asap!)
Anyways, the Midnight Hike ended up getting canceled. The storm finally came to a stop later in the night for a few minutes, so everyone had to book it into their cabins and we all started to sing songs. The night ended on quite of a bummer note, considering the fact the Amanda's scream of a giant beetle had ruined our song singing and walking. But all in all, the weather was a very cool thing to experience and made a good story to blog about (or at least I hope!)

This last part is for all the people I made insiders with... :) Have a good week everyone!
"That's a booger!" "Well it's not mine!" "But it looks fresh!"
"Duh-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nuh Booger Mobile! You've just been snotted!"
"I don't think my farts have ever smelt like Febreeze Amanda."
*More to come, can't remember them all!*

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