Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

Considering the circumstances these days, time for blogging has become very low. Fortunatly though, today's SATURDAY! I have some free time today, so I thought I'd catch everyone up on some crazy happenings in my life. Enjoy (:

Two weeks ago, Tyler, my mom, my grandma, and myself went to spend 5 days at Lake Tahoe. When we first arrived at Nevada Beach, my mom got out of the car to check into our campsite. While waiting in the car, I noticed this sign:
Now I know you have to twist your head to the right for this, but look at the picture in the red stop sign. Is it just me or does this "Aquatic Hitchhikers" boat thing look like a sandwich?! If "Aquatic Hitchhikers" really do ride on the lake in a giant sandwich, count Tyler and I in!

That Wednesday, my mom insisted we go to my grandparents place in Minden to go take a shower. After we got all cleaned up and said hello to my Grandpa, we decided to go get something to eat. We stopped at a place called "The Inn" which is inside a casino, so naturally we had to take elevators to get there.
After leaving the resturant with full stomachs, we were all waiting for an elevator to open up. I have no idea how to explain why this happened, but Tyler just walked right into an elevator with two other ladies thinking we were going to follow. Wrong. The door closed right when he said "Ashley!". For a few seconds, there was silence. And then, we all started cracking up. Of course, my mom's concern was that Tyler would get lost. The only thing I started to worry about was if he would come out crying and I'd feel bad. (My older cousins didn't call him Cryler for no reason when he was little!) Luckily a few moments later, the doors opened up and Tyler surprisingly had a huge grin on his face and goes "Whoo!" We were all laughing our way to the car, even my Grandpa (:

On Saturday, Tyler, Jason, Carrie, Cliff, Kalea and I went to an Aces Game. The weather was pretty unfortunate, but the prices were even worse! I can't believe two pizzas that were practically the size of my fist costed $14 dollars! All I have to say is this: RIDICULOUS. Besides that, the game was fun though! Hahaha

To conclude my blog for the day, I thought I'd end off with a funny little story. At work the kids and the staff and I were bowling a Coconut Bowl. My favorite little kid there, Ryan, watched one of the kids get a strike. He then smiled excitedly at me and goes "He just made a hole in one!!!!" It took me awhile to explain that was for golfing, but in the end we all had a great time trying to make some "hole's in one"!

Have a good week everyone! (:

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