Friday, August 13, 2010

He's Joined the Strings

For many years now, I've gone through the stage of wondering how in the heck Tyler and I could possibly be related. Well today, I again question our brother and sister relationship.
Being the band kid I am, I've been perusing Tyler to take up drumming. Surprisingly he's taken an interest to trying it. See, my mom and I usually try and come up with ideas on things he should do, such as karate, baseball, soccer, anything really to where he can have a hobbie besides playing video games. I must say un-geeking him has not been very easy, so when he said he'd try out playing drums my mom and I jumped on the idea. We all were very sad to hear though that Sarah Winnemucca's band didn't use or have drums. Being a 6th grader, you are required to play an instrument, so Tyler's second choice?
I really do try support Tyler in everything he does (except computer games), but when my mom told me he decided to play the bass, I couldn't help but complain about how he wouldn't be in band. Orchestra is basically anti-band, so I secretly hope he'll hate it and play drums in middle school, but I guess I need to learn and accept the fact that he can choose to do whatever he wants to do.... HA! Who am I kidding?! He's so going to be a drummer, I can't wait! (:

For the record might I say, I am very proud of my little bro for taking on such a big instrument. I'd feel awkward trying to play something that was almost twice my size, so congrats bro! You probably have more guts than I ever will.

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