Friday, October 8, 2010

High School Hallways: I Dislike You Greatly

If you've ever been in high school, you'd understand that the hallways are honestly something to dread. People can just be so oblivious at times, and it honestly has been driving me crazy lately. I'll be walking in the hallways to my U.S. History class and people will just stop right in front of me. I honestly just want to scream: "UUHHHH HELLO?!?!?! SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT GETTING TO CLASS ON TIME!!!!" and I'd then stab them brutally with my pencil. Unfortunately though, I have no time for that either so I just find myself huffing and puffing my to class these days.
Recently though, it's been getting just plain ridiculous. After first period on Monday, I was waiting for my friend Gina (who I usually walk with) outside my classroom. After a few seconds I found her in the crowded hallway and she started to walk toward me. Suddenly, this tall blond guy right in front of her just stops. Literally, he just stops walking and stands right in front of her. He wasn't even looking for anybody or talking to anyone and he just stops and poor little Gina just stands there with a look on her face like "Seriously right now?!" We both just started busting up laughing and she actually had to walk around this odd ball thinking he rules the hallways or something. We both gave the guy a little look who was still standing there, literally just doing nothing, and went on our way.
The worst incident happened to be this Thursday. It was the end of the school day and I was walking to the band room (I know, I scream geek) with my friend Maddie. The hallways are always just ridiculous where we walk, and I just so happened to notice this girl who was walking really fast to catch up with her friends. I'm going one way, she's going the other, and I don't know how it happened but our hands totally collided and we held hands for about .25 seconds. The weird thing was that she didn't even say "Sorry!" or "What the heck?" or "Uhh excuse you." or "Want my number?" like I had expected. She just walked right on her merry little way, and I was in total shock, but mostly laughter. My friend Maddie just busts up laughing and says "What the heck just happened to you?!"
I must say, even though my "hand" friend provided me a decent story and a really good laugh, I felt a little violated. I don't know if she'll ever read this, but if for some reason you're reading this Miss. Seriously, keep your hands to your side when you walk.... Please?

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