Friday, December 17, 2010

Mr. Boob, I Graded Your Papers.

Today is Friday. That in itself for most teenagers at this time, is like heaven, including me. I've been so stress out these days, especially since Thursday. Why might you ask? Well, now I just have a lovely story to tell.

It all started Thursday morning... I was going to my 1st period, where I grade papers for my Geometry teacher from last year, Mrs. A. Well I just so happened to walk into the classroom that day and found two MASSIVE stacks of papers (and when I say MASSIVE, I mean Eiffel Tower big). I chuckled to myself for a moment, praying that this was not my job to accomplish... but as you can guess, it was.

"Is this my Christmas present?" I asked Mrs. A. She laughed and explained that the sub who's been filling in for another math teacher, hasn't graded any papers for TWO MONTHS. And Mrs. A being the lovely teacher she is, offered to pitch in (and as in "pitched in" I mean do all the grading). I really don't have any idea why she would offer to do such a big favor for him, considering the fact that she recently just had a baby, has one other kid and not mention, the poor woman has to not only deal with teenagers, but teacher them.

Although I didn't understand why she was helping this sub out, I said I'd help her on the grading. I swear, after 10 minutes I was already needing Advil and a bubble bath. Not only were these homework papers horribly done by the students (making them take waaaayyy longer to grade), but they were a complete mess. I had papers strewn everywhere, trying to get as many done as I could. I barely got a small class's papers graded that morning, and I think Mrs. A realized I needed some assistance.

The next morning, I walked into her class room again and she informed me that other girls were going to be coming in to help me. Although this was a great relief on me, Mrs. A informed me that I had to teach them and show them everything on what they needed to do. When the girls finally came in their reactions were just priceless, but they helped me out none the less (THANK YOU!). We got about a little more than half of them done, so I offered to Mrs. A that I'd come in at Lancer Learning Time and help grade some more. Naturally, she took me up on the offer.

Three hours later it's LLT time, and I walk in to find almost all the papers done. Apparently, some more students had come in to help grade. At first I was SO thankful, but then the bomb dropped. Everything they had done, was completely done wrong. I had to fix everything they did, and still get the papers done on time. You guessed it, I was loosing my mind. Again.

At this point and time, the teacher who I'd been grading papers for walked in. He came up to me, handed me four more packets of work to do, and said "Here's some more." This, is when I decided to call him from now on, "Mr. Boob". Now Mr. Boob had completely crossed the line. Not only was I grading papers for HIS class that he was too lazy to do, he had now handed me MORE work for him, and didn't say one thank you. I was flabbergasted. Actually, I still am. If it wasn't for the chance of me getting suspended, in that moment I would've said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!?!?!?" or "WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK I AM?! YOUR ROBOT?!" Mind = completely lost.

Thankfully, the papers were finished by some other students who came in and helped out that afternoon. Mrs. A also appologized for the chaos, along with a real Christmas present this morning. So to Mrs. A, thank you for being such a good person, and for Mr. Boob... you're just a boob. Learn to correct some papers dude.

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